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The Bad Pants Open

Benefiting Texas Children’s Newborn Center

Pants in all prints, colors, fabrics and designs made their fashion debut at the 18th annual Bad Pants Open, presented by RBC Capital Markets and Wealth Management. It was another successful year for the popular golf tournament benefiting Texas Children’s tiniest patients. Funds raised from the tournament support nurse education, patient and family support programs, and the establishment of a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands.

The Bad Pants Open Grateful Patient Family

The Brantley Family

Samantha and Brian Brantley are grateful for The Bad Pants Open and for everyone at Texas Children’s Hospital who gave them the gift of healthy, thriving and completely wild toddlers — their identical twin sons, Colin and J.J.

Because the boys shared one placenta, the pregnancy was considered high-risk from the beginning. During a routine appointment, Samantha’s doctor discovered that Colin had not grown in three weeks, while J.J. had nearly doubled in size. The babies needed to be delivered right away.

“I tell people that I carried Colin and J.J. for 32 weeks, and Texas Children’s Hospital carried them to full-term.” – Samantha Brantley

At 32 weeks gestation, Colin and J.J. were born via emergency C-section and were immediately moved to Texas Children’s NICU, where J.J. would spend six weeks and Colin would spend eight. Those weeks could have been terrifying for Samantha and Brian, but through it all, they had enormous faith in the entire staff.

“Everyone in the NICU inspires such confidence,” Samantha said. “We never once doubted the incredible care they were receiving.”

To this day, Samantha and Brian are still amazed at the patience, confidence and warmth of the doctors, nurses and staff at Texas Children’s NICU.

“Our sons would not be here — would not exist today — without Texas Children’s,” said Brian. “Whether that’s because of the prenatal care we were given or the interventions the boys received when they were born, they wouldn’t be alive if the people at Texas Children’s Hospital weren’t the best at what they do.”

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