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Ambassadors for Texas Children's Hospital

Annual Holiday Parties Dazzle with Winter Elegance

Lifetime Ambassadors
Ambassadors for Texas Children's Hospital

Ambassadors in Houston and The Woodlands celebrated the $1,116,550 they raised for Texas Children’s and donated more than 30 bins of clothing for our patients.

The Woodlands

In December, more than 120 guests gathered at the home of Denise and Eric Lipar for the third annual Ambassadors for Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands Holiday Party.

In the spirit of the holidays, guests dressed in festive attire for the ”Sparkling Winter Wonderland” theme, which included a fabulous Spanish guitar band, toasty fireplaces and a special appearance by Santa Claus.

Beautiful decorations, amazing appetizers, delicious beverages and a gourmet dinner all added to the merriment and joy of the evening.

Michelle Riley-Brown, president of Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands, welcomed guests and shared the hospital’s successes over the past year.


Just five days later, more than 250 guests gathered at the home of Elizabeth and Anthony DeLuca for the 10th annual Ambassadors for Texas Children’s Hospital Holiday Party in Houston.

The DeLucas’ home was stunning, and guests were greeted by a grand display of holiday lights twinkling from the trees. Every room was donned in classic, Christmas décor with wreaths hung with garlands, all leading to a beautifully lit tree, evoking a nostalgic holiday spirit. Guests mingled, enjoyed each other’s company and enjoyed a festive holiday feast from appetizers to dessert, all provided by A Fare Extraordinaire Catering.

Elizabeth DeLuca shared the moving story of her daughter, Caroline, their journey with a child suffering from a neurological disorder and the things that led them to became so devoted to Texas Children’s mission.

Dr. ZoAnn Dreyer, co-director of the Long-Term Survivor Program at Texas Children’s Cancer Center, thanked Ambassadors for their dedication to Texas Children’s Hospital.

Lifetime Ambassadors

Debbie Adams
Air Texas Mechanical, Inc.
Carolyn Alexander
Joan and Stanford Alexander
Shirley and Ralph Alexander
Willie Alexander
Elle and Clarke Anderson
Linda Anderson
Phyllis and Steven Anderson
Alisa and Jim Andras
Mary and Oscar Andras
Stephanie and Tim Armstrong
Jeanne and Matt Arnold
Laura and John Arnold
Heather and Richard Avant
Nadine and Tim Balombin
Joanne and Robert Barnwell
Shanna and Eric Bass
Sheryl and Douglas Bech
Donna and Steve Benotti
Tina Bentsen
Melony and B.J. Bergeron
Kate and Ed Bialas
Carole and Bruce Bilger
Heidi and Todd Binet
Darlene Bisso
Eva and Beau Bisso
Deana and Larry Blackburn
Gary Blackie
Collier and Richard Blades
Marylou and Ted Bland
Stacey and Stephen Bourque
Susan and Bob Boykin
Jennifer and Jimmy Branch
Katie and A.J. Brass
Brass Family Foundation
Broesche Family Foundation
Karl Broesche
Kelly and Kirt Broesche
Henry T. Brooks
Chris Brown
Jennifer Brown
Michelle Riley-Brown and James Brown
Charlene P. Carroll
The P and C Carroll Foundation
Keely and Carl Carter
Barbara and Larry Catuzzi
Ann and Clarence Cazalot
Evans and Charlie Christ
Holly and Kirk Coburn
Estela and David Cockrell
Stephanie and Ernie Cockrell
Cockrell Family Fund
Adonia and Kevin Cokinos
Stacey and Cooper Collins
Nancy and Brady Cook
Katie and Michael Cramer
Stacey and Casey Crenshaw
Sylvie and Gary Crum
Susie and Lloyd Cunningham
Hilda and Greg Curran
Mary-Kathryn and Chris D’Agostino
Shawn Dalio
Autumn and Mike Davidson
Claire and David de Roode
Elizabeth and Anthony DeLuca
Joelle and Mitch Derrick
Lynn Des Prez and William T. Shearer
Liz and Greg Dillard
Melisa and Albert Dion II
Staci and John Donovan
Jan Ellis Duncan
Andrea and Lyle Eastham
Pepper and Ashley Edens
Johnna and Ryan Edone
Jenny Elkins
Andrea and Larry Elliott
John Emmitte
Candi and Gerald Glenn
Margaret Eng Go
Mary and Doug Erwin
Genna and Jon Evans
Marita and J.B. Fairbanks
Zeina and Nijad Fares
Carolyn Faulk
Judy Feigin Faulkner
Barbara and Michael Feigin
Leslie and Michael Fertitta
Myrna D. Fisch
Jill and Todd Fisk
FKP Architects, Inc.
Sally and Rigo Flores
Natalie and John Ford
Lauren and Don Fornes
Carolyn and Bill Forney, Jr.
Katie and John Forney
Tobey and Billy Forney
Ann and Randy Fowler
Frank Lockwood Family Foundation
Carol and Jim Frankel
Dara and Scott Frankel
Julia and Russell Frankel
Kristina and Kevin Frankel
Frankel Family Foundation
Leslie Frankel-Wiener and Gary Wiener
Elizabeth and Clint Freeland
Wendy and Weldon Gage
Phil and Carol Garner
Julianne and J Gaut
Helen and Terry Gebert
Mauro and Yasmine Gibellini
Erin and Brian Gilmore
Clare A. Glassell
Candi and Gerald Glenn
Benjamin Go
Jackie and John Godbold
Darla and Alton Gonsoulin, Jr.
Maureen and John Graf
Claire and Joe Greenberg

Beth and Douglas Grijalva
Windi and David Grimes
Carol and John Gunn
Cindy and John Hageman
Emerson and Cici Hankamer
Amy and Charles Hankins
Barbara and Wayne Harms
Leslie L. Harris and Edward G. Baptista
Susan Feigin and Jonathan M. Harris
Pat and Mike Hartman
Mia and Joseph Heil
Caroline and Bill Helander
Kelly and Clive Hess
Mandy and Jonathan Hickman
Leila and Jason Higham
Mindy and Jeff Hildebrand
Marian and Tim Hilpert
Wendy and Jeff Hines
Kitty and Lex Hochner
Amy and Kevin Holmes
Lindsay and Rand Holstead
Lisa and Michael Holthouse
Courtney and Bo Hopson
Natalie and Roy Horlock, Jr.
Horlock Foundation
Becky and Kevin Hostler
Houston Family Foundation
Ron and Sheila Hulme
Ana Lee and Marc Jacobs
Noelle and Davis Jahncke
Randall H. Jamail
Christy and Webb Jennings
Monica and Amit Jhunjhunwala
Cathy and Mel Jodeit
Linda W. and Gary C. Johnson
Matthew Johnson
Rosemarie Johnson
Victoria and Parks Johnson
Brenda and Bradley Jones
Katherine and Stewart Jones
Kenneth and Wendy Jones
Laura and Steve Jones
Mary and Hank Jones
Allison and Zach Jordan
Shelley and Gene Jorgensen
Elise and Russ Joseph
George Joseph
Leigh and Chris Joseph
Brad Juneau
Melissa Juneau
Kristie and Kyle Kafka
Elizabeth and Tommy Kanarellis
Joan and Marvin Kaplan Foundation
Nicole and Evan Katz
Maria E. Kelley
Rusty Kelley
Lilia Khakimova and C. Robert Bunch
Masu and Badar Khan
Tracey and Mike Killion
William S. and Lora Kilroy Foundation
Anne Lamkin Kinder
Marie Louise and David Kinder
Dave King
Monica and Kevin King
Debbie and Bobby Knapp
Jennifer and JC Kneale
Jay and Vanessa Knighton
Saranne and Livingston Kosberg
Damon and Karen Krehbiel
Huntley and Dan Kubitza
Susan and Mike Larson
Terry and Ray Larson
Lisa and Evan Lee
Ann Lents and David Heaney
Jenny and Justin Leonard
Jean and Richard Lewellen
Cindy and Slade Lewis
Jessica and Lance Lightfoot
Ann and John Ligums
Jennifer and Jeb Ligums
Kristi and George Lindahl
Carol and Mike Linn
Denise and Eric Lipar
Jamie and Howard Lorch
Cynthia and Larry Lueckemeyer
D. Woody Lyons
Joella and Steven Mach
Dr. Judith Ragsdale and Arlin Maddox
Louis Magne
CoCo and Kelly Mahoney
Sunil and Sheena Mani
Maryann and Bryce Mannen
Rosalyn and Barry Margolis
Holly and Thomas Mason
Drs. Morganne and Jefy Mathew
Lisa and Will Mathis
Jill and Clarence Mayer
Laura and Andrew McCullough
Rebecca and Shay McGarr
Ed McMahon
Corinne and Michael McVay
Arnold and Suzanne Miller Charitable Fund
Catherine and M. Hugh Miller
Jan and Arnold M. Miller
Brittany and Kurt Mondlak
Denise Monteleone
Jennifer and Will Monteleone
Jeff and Kristy Montgomery
Jennifer and Joel Moore
Christine and Shea Morenz
Christina and Steve Morse
Alice and Keith Mosing
Susan and Bill Murff
Will and Nicole Murphy
Bobbie and John Nau
Stephanie, Celine and Randy Nelson
Jan and Joe Netherland
David A. Novelli
Heidi and Tobin O’Donnell
Alice and Billy Oehmig

Tracey and Sean O’Neal
Diane and Garry Osan
Beth Otilliar
Luana and Gary Owens
Susan and Mike Padon
Mrs. C.N. Papadopoulos
Diane and Jeff Paul
Cynthia and Tony Petrello
Brenda and Larry Petru
Jenny and Rich Petru
Susan and Mike Plank
Jack and Faye Polatsek
Suzanne and Bob Potter
Karen Pulaski
Bradley Radoff
The Radoff Family
Holly and Steve Radom
Sallie and Thomas Rainer
Louise Ratz
Dawn and Richard Rawson
Carroll and Hugh Ray
Leigh Anne and John Raymond
Isla and Tommy Reckling
Noelle and Eric Reed
Amy and Mike Reeves
Elizabeth and Bobby Reeves
Krissi and Taylor Reid
Vicki and Michael Richmond
Barbara and Corby Robertson
Brooke and Corby Robertson
Laura and Will Robertson
Wendy and John Roddey
Sheila and Jon D. Rodermund
Sybil Roos
Suzanne and Mike Rose
Polly and David Roth
Nancy and Bryan Ruez
Amy and Tom Ryan
Norma and Pete Sanchez
Patricio Sanchez
Tani and Tony Sanchez, Jr.
Vanessa and Eduardo Sanchez
Vanessa and Tony Sanchez III
Cheryl and Robert Sanford
Mona and Andrew Sarofim
Leslie and Shannon Sasser
Joan and John Scales
Kristi and John Schiller
Courtney and Gregory Schilling
Ally and Mike Seder
Jordan and Dylan Seff
Raquel and Andrew Segal
Cathy and Dennis Seith
Kristy and John Sexton
Elizabeth and Scott Shackouls
Judy and Bobby Shackouls
Amy and Peter Shaper
Mary Eliza and Park Shaper
Elise de Compiegne Shatto
Jeffrey Shatto
Angela and Stephan Shaw
Danielle and Christopher Shield
Erin and Jeff Shilt
Dr. Joan E. Shook and Dr. Jeffrey R. Starke
Caroline and Justin Simons
Amy and Kyle Simson
Sherry and Vincent Sinisi
Elaine and Christopher Slaughter
Anne and Stephen Smith
Chase and Christi Smith
Christina Dixon and Stuart Smith
Michelle and Alan Smith
Nancy Smith
Susie and Tommy Smith
Mary Martha and Joel Staff
Jessica and Tyson Stargel
Slade Stargel
Vicki and Jack Stargel
Cindy and Larry Stein
Andy and Liz Stepanian
Lindsay and Trent Stout
Debbie and Steve Sukin
Suzanne and Joseph Sutton
Sutton Foundation
Courtney and Doug Swanson
Chay and Tory Taylor
Kelly and Adam Tepper
Rachael and Mark Terry
Lee and Ty Tillman
Matthew R. Titus
Charlene and Tymothi Tombar
Erika and John Toussaint
Candie and Steven Tramonte
Gloria and Mark Tressler
Sarah and Duncan Underwood
Lori and Hank Van Joslin
Jennifer and Wil VanLoh
Rachael and Jason Volz
Claudia and David Walkup
Shannon and Mark Wallace
Whitney and Marc Walsh
Elizabeth and Peter Wareing
Kalen and Mike Webb
Emily and Danny Weingeist
Lucille and Richard Weiss
Mary and Greg Whalley
Krista and Robby White
Pam and Gary Whitlock
Aimee and Kent Willetts
Julia and Carl Williams
Sue and David Williams
Shannon and Brian Wing
William and Marie Wise Family Foundation
Mandy and Blaik Wisenbaker
Elizabeth and Judson Wolfe
Joan Wolfe
Janet Wong and Ronald Mullins
Hank and Sheryl Wood
Lori and Scott Wulfe
Judge Clarease Yates and Mr. Cary Yates
Kelley and Donald Young
Marcie and Robert Zlotnik
Huda and William Zoghbi
Barbara and Robert Zorich

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