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The Dunn Family

The doorbell rings at the Dunn residence. Excited yells echo from across the house. Three blurs race past: a boy, a princess and one pint-sized Ninja Turtle, all fueled by the prospect of pizza. Rachel and Adam Dunn are raising the classic, all-American family — a family that includes a child who needs specialized care.


Adam Dunn was known for swinging for the fences during his 14 seasons in the major leagues. He retired from professional baseball after the 2014 season but set some incredible career milestones as only the 50th player to hit 400 home runs and ending his career with 462.

In 2006, Adam married Rachel Brown of Kentucky, and three beautiful children followed. When Adam was still an active player, the Dunn family’s was a life on the road. Off-seasons were spent in his home state of Texas. The family lived in The Woodlands for four years, just recently moving to Houston.

When Rachel and Adam heard that Texas Children’s was coming to The Woodlands, they immediately felt inspired to give a very generous gift, and they are encouraging others to do the same.

The one thing that has always been a constant for the Dunns is Texas Children’s Hospital. Even when traveling, if their son’s health became cause for concern, they would return to Houston for the expert treatment he needed.

“I think what I would tell people to encourage them to give to Texas Children’s would be to think about the children,” Adam said. “That, to me, is all that needs to be said. The things they do just for children are special.”

While they lived in The Woodlands, the Dunns witnessed many changes and watched more and more people move into the area. Rachel and Adam personally encountered the world-class care that Texas Children’s provides at the Texas Medical Center Campus. They also experienced how difficult it was to make the 35-mile, sometimes two-hour commute from The Woodlands.

That is simply too far for families to go, especially in times of crisis. But things will soon be different. One of the main priorities of Promise: The Campaign for Texas Children’s Hospital is the construction of Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands. The outpatient tower will open in 2016, and the inpatient tower in 2017. It will be the only dedicated pediatric hospital — including a specialty pediatric Emergency Center and critical care units — serving communities north of Houston.

For thousands of patients and families, the new hospital will mean being able to get the right care, at the right time, and in the right place — close to home.


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