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Easing Families’ Financial Burdens

Houston Children’s Charity

Shock. Fear. Sadness. These are just a few of the emotions parents and family members experience when a child they love is first diagnosed with cancer.

Then there are all the things they need to learn. What are the treatment options? Where is the best place to be treated? Will insurance cover it? So many decisions have to be made, and of course there is urgency around every single one of them.

And for so many families, there is an additional layer of stress to handle: finances. At Texas Children’s Hospital, we are fortunate to have generous philanthropists in the community who are dedicated to helping alleviate this burden for families. In 2006, Houston Children’s Charity made an incredibly generous commitment to establish the Houston Children’s Charity Family Emergency Fund at Texas Children’s Cancer Center. Ten years later, they renewed that commitment at the same level to support the fund for another ten years.

More than 50% of the patients at Texas Children’s are covered by Medicaid or by the Children’s Health Insurance Plan, neither of which covers the full cost of many kinds of necessary therapies. Even with the best insurance coverage, families will still be faced with co-pays and medications, parking fees and everyday necessities like meals. It can be an overwhelming burden. To further compound the issue, it is not uncommon that a parent or caregiver will need to quit a job to be with and help care for their child, or that absence might cause another to lose their job. How will the mortgage or the rent and all the other bills be paid?

Houston Children’s Charity’s generosity has been a game changer for so many families who come to Texas Children’s trusting our dedicated team to give their children the very best care and the best outcomes possible. Because of the commitment and dedication of this wonderful organization, the hospital is able to provide funding for lodging, groceries, meals for family members, car payments, mortgage and rent, utility bills, phone bills, clothing, and more — the basic necessities of life that can suddenly become major challenges.

Houston Children’s Charity is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for children in the Greater Houston area. Their motto is “Our Kids Are Everybody’s Kids,” and their goal is to leave no legitimate request for assistance unanswered.

That makes them a perfect partner for Texas Children’s, which was founded on a promise that every child will receive the very best care regardless of their family’s ability to pay for it. “The mission of Houston Children’s Charity aligns perfectly with Texas Children’s mission, and we are so honored to have their partnership and support,” says President and CEO Mark A. Wallace. “For 22 years, their generosity has made so many families’ burdens easier to bear. What an amazing gift they offer, and what an incredible blessing they are.”

“The mission of Houston Children’s Charity aligns perfectly with Texas Children’s mission, and we are so honored to have their partnership and support.”

Mark A. Wallace
President and CEO

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